Show don’t Tell: A new (to me) perspective on change leadership

As an experienced consultant with a professional heritage in engineering, I have absolutely no academic credentials in literature or any other media. However, with children that studied film and literature at first degree level and also as someone that enjoys films, I have come to understand the idea of ‘show don’t tell’ as used in…

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Importance of the New


Like all of us, the Laing Russell team has had many new consulting experiences in recent weeks and months. Our own learning from these new experience has prompted us to reflect on the very significant value of proactively seeking out the ‘new’, the ‘the road less travelled’ to encourage development and change. The challenge of…

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Stories as a key tool for change

Stories Matter

We got some valuable advice from a learning and development colleague to just start. Start writing up and sharing our insight, don’t wait until you are clear and definitive on what might be called a content strategy. Bring a more agile, iterative approach to our consultancy by sharing our insight with our client community. Especially,…

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So, what’s so special about Connected Coaching?

Connected Coaching

As a mechanical engineer who started work in the chemical industry, entered the consulting profession through the project management practice in the late 1980’s, I started with practically zero understanding of coaching as an approach to development. All my experience of leadership development and management training had been through the classic in-company and open programmes.…

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Culture change but much faster

Remote Working

Has anyone else noticed how the current pandemic context seems to be enabling much faster culture change in organisations? The scale and pace of technology adoption and behaviour change has been impressive. More interesting and probably more significant is the more open, collaborative culture that is enabling better and faster decisions and action. We’ve been…

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