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Insights - Enterprise Architecture

Our regular series of posts of what we are noticing and what we are learning through our work with our clients.

Enterprise Architecture by Design

It has been a very useful process for us taking Enterprise Architecture (EA) as our theme this month. Not least because its given us the opportunity to review what we have been doing, what we have noticed about what really adds value from doing EA and to consider what’s next. Especially as the rhetoric that…

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Modern Architecture

Enabling Transformation of your Business Platform: Enterprise Architecture for Hybrid Cloud World

Back in 2016, we wrote an insight piece discussing the role of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) capability of an organisation in designing and delivering the architectures for future cloud environments, the pitfalls and some of the phony thinking that was touted at the time. The original article entitled “Cloudy Day” is available on request from…

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Micro-standards Enabling Pace and Agility

An enduring dilemma for organisations is setting and holding their position on standards. Standards good vs. standards bad can and often does become an unhelpful debate. The focus can be on the narrative of the standard itself rather than the outcomes that they promote. This dilemma has many specific challenges in our work with clients…

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Field of Dreams

Build it and they (probably) won’t come

With apologies to the scriptwriter of the Field of Dreams. Whilst the film is an enjoyable watch, that well-known quote from the film is just not true. No matter how great ‘it’ is, people will probably not ‘come’. Just because it’s there. Just because you built ‘it’. Designing and building the best solution is necessary,…

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